Lines 214, 216, +219, 247: Full closure between Bad Gottleuba and Kurvenstraße requires diversion of buses

From May 31, 2024 to October 30, 2024, the road between Bad Gottleuba, Ernst-Hackebeil-Straße and Kurvenstraße will be completely closed. The reason for this is the construction work to renew the road surface. 


  • The bus lines 216 and +219 Coming from Pirna, drive to Bad Gottleuba, Hackebeilstraße, original timetable. Turn around in Bad Gottleuba and drive back to Berggießhübel. The diversion leads via Berggießhübel, Kirchberg via Hohe Straße (S173) and Bad Gottleuba, Kurvenstraße to the Oelsen junction and then on to Hellendorf or from Hohe Straße directly to Hellendorf.
  • The buses of the Line 247 Like the PlusBus line 219, they run via Berggießhübel, Kirchberg. 
  • The return journeys take place in reverse order. 

Relocation of stops:
The stops Bad Gottleuba, School and Bad Gottleuba, Cemetery will be relocated to Kurvenstraße. or

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