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In addition to its nature and historical sights, our region has another special feature to offer: its diverse regional products.
Immerse yourself in the culinary diversity of our region and discover the delicious treasures that are grown, produced and refined here. From fresh fruit and vegetables to handmade chocolates and jams to traditional Christmas stollen - with us you will find everything a connoisseur's heart desires.

Pastry shop & Café Schönbach

Chocolate factory, cakes, baked goods

Our small chocolate factory: handmade chocolate creations with a passion for quality and craftsmanship.

We use only the best ingredients and raw materials to create a wide range of chocolate products that include both traditional and innovative flavors.

From our luxurious pralines and truffles to our chocolate bars, each product is made with love and care to provide an unforgettable taste experience.

Rätze butcher shop

When producing our meat and sausage products, we always use traditional recipes and only quality meat, just as we knew it back then! Due to our highest quality standards, long-term collaboration with our partners is possible. The partner SachsenGlück proves that Saxon quality meat from sustainable agriculture and animal and consumer protection can definitely be reconciled.

The Fiedler dairy farm from Wehlen is a dairy farm that supplies us with fresh dairy products.

The butcher trade (f brand) has been a symbol of quality and performance for decades. A particularly extensive range of meat and meat products as well as expert and individual advice guarantee our customers the best service.

Eichler mushroom cultivation

In Bad Gottleuba

We are a regional supplier of cultivated edible mushrooms where you can purchase freshly harvested goods with an unforgettable aroma every day.

Edible mushrooms are a healthy alternative to meat as they are a valuable source of proteins, potassium, copper, zinc, selenium, niacin, folic acid, vitamin B1, B2 and vitamin D, which is particularly important for vegetarians. Another important component is vitamin B12, which is otherwise only found in animal foods. Essential for a modern diet.

We produce deliciously aromatic brown mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms for you, and you can also purchase our very popular mushrooms marinated in a slightly sour and spicy marinade in a jar. Taste the difference - you will taste it.

Beech grove land harvest

Katrin Steinke manages around 2000 m² of vegetable growing area. There are also hedge plantings of wild fruit, elderberries and rose hips. Raspberries and strawberries delimit the vegetable area and the Jerusalem artichoke as a larger row planting also provides wind protection for the vegetable areas. Vegetable cultivation is mainly carried out as a mixed culture. Beans, beetroot, garlic and onions alternate. Cucumbers and tomatoes grow in the foil tent.

Katrin Steinke's various delicious fruit spreads are well known and are available for purchase directly in Markersbach and various smaller sales establishments.

Hellendorf farm shop

We run a small but nice self-service farm shop with our own products. Enjoy farm quality – fresh and homemade. Directly from the Hering family's farm in Hellendorf. Fresh free-range eggs, pasta, sausage, fruit spreads and home-smoked food and honey from local beekeepers

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